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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to the new site for the Thai Ty Betta Farm and Importer!

  Welcome to the hatchery ! Shai ty betas is home of finest dna fighting and show grade bettas from round the world. I was a captain of fishing vessels but was permanently injured. After being bedridden for years, and losing my physical ability to be at sea, i fell in love with incredible world of betta genetics! For example if you take all color and finnage variations into account their are over 29,000 differant "looks" a betta can possess. It takes years of hard study and research to even begin to comprehend the complex realm that is betta genetics. I spent years of my life dedicated to rsearching studying combing world for info on betta dna genetics etc,, then i combed the world for years to find the highest quality dna of betta both fighter species's and all typical show grade species, i combed planet spent years and a fortune bringing only the finest betta dna from everywhere from maylasia to cambodia to thailand to vietnam to australia and europe. Most overlook europe, are not educated enough in betta world to know that since late 1800's early 1900's some of the most educated men on planet in europe, uk etc like oxford or cambridge elite types like tolkkien or c s lewis types, they have had since pre 1900's an elite group of betta breeders and clubs and shows etc in europe like england, since!! because of this there is a unknown secret society of betta experts, whose knowledge would put the most well known asian breeders to shame. these english secret betta 100 yr old plus societys in u k etc breed experiment with show grade species like crown tails and half moons double tails etc.  if truly want finest show bettas in world, you are horribly mistaken and misinformed if overlooked, not known about, or simply ignored any non asian countrys regarding betta expertise and finest dna. So if truly looking for highest quality dna genetics of show bettas you must spend few years researching europe as well as asia malaysia countrys. These are examples of the knowledge it takes decades to obtain  in the realm of betta genetics, bettas betta splendens etc.
 So this site will allow you to ask questions or seek advice regarding bettas betta problems etc. I will literally save you years of trial and error or searching for answer or advice, most of all i can & will save you from tons of dead bettas or fry!! Whether its breeding, care , feeding , disease etc treatment, advice on best training of fighters methods in world, etc whatever info you seek or questions you have, you may now have direct line to one most knowledgable breeders in world. As well as be able view or purchase the finest bettas in world right here in usa w/o fortune in over seas shipping and prices. The best dna betta fighter and show grade fish from round the world already here!!!!! In usa for pennies on dollar for better fish, and none of the risk you take by purchasing overseas, ie- thai, viet,cam,uk,australia, malaysia, etc, so come on in the hatchery take look around ask away!! Enjoy this site was built for you!!  We will be posting pictures etc of fry breeders available adults etc but will posting new photos constantly! Enjoy yourselves, don't be shy ask away any question you may have! Thank you for stopping in the new Thai Ty Betta Farm and Importer!


  1. Hello, I'm a beginner breeder and I've glad to say I've been very successful thanks to your tips n techniques so I wanted to say thank you very much n I hope I become as great as you 1 day

  2. sorry to be a pest but cannot get your yahoo email to work on my computer at all. keeps getting sent back as undeliverable ....even though I copy/paste it exactly!
    my private home email is
    Hope I can contact you cause I think I'm driving us both crazy!
    sorry for lack of computer smarts!

  3. Hi my name is duy can U call me at this num 21094846459 I would like to order some betta thank

  4. Hello I am a beginner with the breeding. I was wondering what the temp should be in my 5 gallon bucket. It is right now at 60. I have a light on it to try and heat it up. Should I put a heater on the bucket and also should I change out the water before they are released together.

  5. you have got to be the most impressive man on the planet wow im so intrigued ad very very impressed with your you tube video's ,,thank's Man!
    Mark Purpel

  6. Are you still in operation? Can't find how to order fish from you, not from youtube, blogspot or anywhere. Please let me know if you are still selling.

  7. What is the best fry food/s from day one on? I am a beginner working on my first spawn. I am also interested in purchasing fish from you. My email is Thank you!

  8. I too am looking to breed bettas a hobby. I have read and seen most of your info,but I cannot find or figure out how to purchase fry flakes from you..and I can't seem to find the food you use anywhere out here